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Name: Kory Mann

Age: 19

Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas

Sexuality: Gay

Relationship: Taken

Tumblr: thegaykory

"Hello, my name is Kory. I enjoy photography, video games, and blogging. I'm actually lactose intolerant so it is quite ironic that I am on MilkyBoys. I'm not into twinks either so there's a little more irony for you. I post photos of myself quite often online, as well as photos I take or edit of other people, because I'm a bit of an enthusiast in photography. I'm pretty bad at it but to be honest I only really enjoy editing. I want to be a film editor so that is my current goal, get through school and follow my dream. You can follow me at and also help me afford college at"

Thank you Kory for this awesome photoshoot for MilkyBoys.
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