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HEY. :)
Posted in ComingOut
29 May
Hey guys. Its been a while since I've seen any activity on here so I thought I should post something to get the ball rolling.

My name is Brad, I'm 25, closeted gay and live in Adelaide, South Australia. probably the main reason I'm not out yet is because I'm a family person and I'm close with my family. However they are "old fashioned" you could say as they use faggot/queer as slurs. I do have a group of friends that I have recently told since keeping it bottled up wasn't helping and they have been supportive however I still haven't made and attempted to "hit the scene" as of yet.

My Question to everyone is How did you come out,what age and was it a positive experience?

Have a Good Day Everyone :)

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Posted on 3 Jun 2018


To be perfectly honest, I don't remember when I came out. I just got tired of telling everyone I was straight when the fact of the matter is that I wasn't. I'm actually pansexual. It's been fairly positive, but some family members bash me for it. Luckily, I don't talk to any of them. Ever. So I don't give a shit. lol

Folks call me Hoss a lot, I'm 22 and from Kentucky, USA.

Have a good day and stay safe and happy! :D
Posted on 29 May 2018

Hey Brad :)

As I was in your situation about one year ago I can say do not fear the reactions of your family. When I had my outing last year I was 25 too. My biggest fear was, how would the reaction of my family and my best friends be. I had to learn that being gay isn't a problem. If anyone had a problem with the fact that I'm gay, it's his problem - not mine! So I think that's the most important thing to face...
Now - one year later - I can say, my coming out was one of or even the best decisions of my live. I didn't have a single negative reation.
So don't forget, your family loves you the way you are. No mather if you are gay or straight.
Let me know, if my text could help you just a little.. ;)

Everyone is equal!

Greetings from Austria, David :)