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don't leave me. It's autumn my willy's cold
chat with me
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18 May
cute boys between 16 and 21, come and chat with me.
my email is on my profile, if you want to talk to me...
let's have some fun ;)

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Posted on 28 Jul 2018

Am 66 y o and want to chat with a younger boy.  If you hate this older homo, that is that.  Find, today, a clutch of baby cats behind trash cans.  How, after 14 days of off and on rain, do they survive ?  But, fact is, there they are.  No one is at fault.  
Posted on 22 Apr 2018

hey bb
Posted on 30 Oct 2017

can't see your email. Mine is I'm 30 - but still cute and horny. Love to chat.