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don't leave me. It's autumn my willy's cold
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14 Feb
I'm quite new here, let me know what you think of my photos, I know I'm not very big down there and and not the slimmest or smoothest of boys but I'm not ashamed aha :)

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Posted on 9 Jan 2018

Lovely cock. Yummy. 
Posted on 27 Nov 2016

And you're right not to be ashamed!
Posted on 12 Jun 2016

nice horny pics
Posted on 11 Jun 2016

Posted on 10 Jun 2016

Very nice! You're right. Nothing to be ashamed about at all. :)
Posted on 1 Apr 2016

very nice chat to me

Posted on 26 Mar 2016

Hot !!
Posted on 13 Mar 2016


Posted on 29 Feb 2016

Just the right size for deep-throating!  Lovely!

Posted on 22 Feb 2016

Looks good to me!
Posted on 14 Feb 2016

not bothered if you've seen better aha
Posted on 14 Feb 2016

iv seen better..

Posted on 14 Feb 2016